Daily Volunteer

Daily Volunteer Intake Form

A Daily Volunteer would be an individual desiring to personally volunteer with The Luke Project, Inc. 

It is understood the Daily Volunteer's and The Luke Project, Inc. Staff will not be allowed to be alone at any time with any of the children participating in any program conducted by The Luke Project, Inc.

All volunteers agree to abide by the Christian vision and mission of The Luke Project, Inc.  Anyone is welcome to volunteer with The Luke Project, Inc. regardless of ethnicity or religious background.

Daily Volunteer Information

Upload proof of your COVID-19 vaccination. This is required for all LukeCamp staff, volunteers and LukeCamp participants. Allowed file types include: pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, zip, gz, gzip, rar, & 7z.
Please indicate the days and/or dates you are willing to serve as a Luke Project Daily Volunteer.
If you do not have any questions, please write "None" in the box.
Please check all programs you are interested in.


Daily Volunteer Authorization For Release of Background Information

After you submit the registration form, please follow the instructions for completing the Background Check.