Luke Employment

Dear Applicant,

We are very excited and pleased you have decided to obey God’s call on your life. The Luke Project will provide an excellent opportunity to position you to trust God, allowing Him to work in you and through you in a mighty way. We will face challenges, celebrate success and in both I look forward to God’s hand of favor on us each and every day. Please keep Jesus #1 as you move forward in serving with the staff of The Luke Project.

My prayer for our team, children and volunteers is that all of us walk in purity, humility, integrity, generosity and obedience. May we seek Jesus and be more like Him everyday as we rest and abide in Him.

The purpose of the following application is to guide your course of employment. The personnel policy sets various guardrails for your employment with The Luke Project, Inc. These guardrails will protect the rhythm of the organization and lay the foundation for effectiveness as we carry out our tax-exempt purpose as a 501-C3 corporation.

The goal of The Luke Project, Inc. in relation to retention, growth, and productivity and employee and or contract worker satisfaction is to provide a work environment conducive to meeting the goals and objectives of the organization while enhancing personal and professional growth.

For more information about The Luke Project, Inc. you may go to ABOUT US

Thank you,

Jeff Gorman
The Luke Project, Inc.

Steps For Employment

  1. Review Job Description (Download job description below)
  2. Send your resume via email to with a cover letter describing your passion, commitment to serve, and any questions you may have concerning this opportunity.
  3. Complete the online Employment Application process.
  4. A staff member from LukeSports will contact you via email to schedule a phone interview.
  5. You will interview with at least two members of the LukeSports team.
  6. You will be required to complete a background check.
  7. Secure a Work Permit from the school you are attending as required.
  8. Continued interview process and determination of the level of commitment to an entire season of service and agreement with the mission of The Luke Project, Inc.
  9. Some candidates may take the RightPath Evaluation and Leadership Drive Profile as required.
  10. Notification and decision to hire. Review and discuss The Luke Project, Inc. Letter of Hire.
  11. Complete and return New Hire Packet – GA and Direct Deposit Form Using Paychex for automatic direct deposit payroll below.
  12. Training via telephone to use Clock Spot.  This is our automated clock-in / clock-out system.  We will train you in 15 minutes how to use this tool.
  13. Some candidates may attend a one day, all day Red Cross Certification Training session in basic first aid and child/adult CPR on a Saturday as required.  Note: this is paid training time.


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