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Application for Employment

My wife and I are grateful and honored you are considering joining the LukeCamp family.

This is a very unique position that requires an extraordinary level of commitment and a desire to serve.

The following document is provided to assist you as you determine if this position is a good fit for you. We would encourage you to review the entire document before completing the application process.

LukeCamp Summer and School Break Counselor / Mentor Detailed Job Description 2023 – Click and Review

Employment Application Form (#17)

Job Opening: Camp Counselor / Mentor

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Would you be available for paid training 2 weekends in April and 2 weekends in May? *

Would you be available to start work the first day after Memorial Day? *
Note: We work Monday - Thursday from 7:25 am - 6 pm

Would you require any time-off this summer? *
Note: We prefer staff schedule appointments on Friday(s).

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Note: LukeCamp does go to the movies, bowling, skating, museums, etc. but this position is "mostly" outside at parks, etc.

Work Style

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What would you do if campers were not following the rules. *
Example: The hand sanitizer(s) are kept in the cup holders on the van but the kids keep playing with it and they always end up on the floor of the van. Select one


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Please email any questions you may have to

We appreciate your consideration to serve as a camp counselor and mentor.

Our prayer for you and all of our team is that God would direct our steps as we lift up the name of Jesus.