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The Luke Project, Inc. utilizes strategic programs to build relationships with children living in the inner city. Solid relationships enable children to develop the educational and spiritual foundation necessary to enjoy true success; discovering their unique potential in Christ. Our kids realize they can be doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers and productive citizens in their community.

You must be 18 years or older to register a child for LukeSports, LukeCamp, and LukePrep programs.  Simply click on the link below to start your registration process.

Register your school through LukeSports Registration Portal

Register your student athlete for LukeSports

What is LukeCamp?

Register your child for LukeCamp

Register to play in the annual LukeGolf Fundraiser at Stone Mountain Golf Club

Register your child for LukeFit

Register your child for LukePrep

*NEW*  Ultimate Frisbee – What is it?

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